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Band of friends

A nice freezing cold morning in my nearby, I love this atmosphere, when it's completly quiet with only the sound of the snow crisping under the shoes.

We were lucky to have more days with really low temperatures, without rain, so the humidity had time to slowly and perfectly freeze the trees.

Fujifilm GFX50s II
70 · f/11 · ISO 400
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I'm feeling cold just looking at it - well executed Lionel!

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Thanks a lot

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This is quite an exceptional image. Yet I am afraid that most people viewing it will not realize just how excellent it is, from a compositional standpoint.

The way the tree trunks are arranged in the frame, the way they interact with the edges of the frame, and the way they are interrupted by overhanging frost-laden foliage ..... is all extremely compelling and approaches aesthetic perfection!

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Thanks a lot for your kind and detailled comment i really appreciate 😎🤩

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Very nice

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Thanks a lot todd

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i really love this image bro wow