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[ ... liquid gold ]

our volcano in Iceland is currently taking a break, I'm sure it will be active soon again ... maybe in another place

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Spectacular shot. Very well lit and with just the right speed.
congratulations and my like

thank you :-)

Hot photo.

thanks! Cheers from Iceland

Awesome picture! Really amazing! Beautiful composition. Congratulations!

thanks Robert ;-)

Superlative image! This is one of those images where I would REALLY love to see the file before any editing at all was done - the straight out-of-the-camera file.

I gave this a 5 star vote because to me it truly is a world class image.

Hi Tom ... great to hear! ;-) actual there is not much photo editing here! The picture was very underexposed (so as not to lose the highlights), I only lightened the shadows a bit in post, that's all. Cheers from Iceland, Raymond