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Benedita Martins
Location: Beliche Dam
Champion born in 1977, in Faro, she started to practice cycling just to practice some sport. She gained a taste and motivation for the sport and, in 2012, she started participating in some MTB events and meetings.
In 2019 she launched herself in road competitions through the Korpoactivo team. She recognizes that it was a whole new world, which required extreme overcoming. At that moment she realized that she would have to change her lifestyle if the objective was to reach a higher level and aim to win titles, which was the case. For this, she turned to professional help to guide her in training and nutrition. To this she added rigor, dedication and, undoubtedly, a lot of suffering. She was, however, starting out in a competitive world where the other opponents had already come a long way. This did not discourage her, on the contrary. Her willpower was enormous and, as she says, “the path is made by walking”.

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