Victoria by Alexey Tyurin
Alexey Tyurin's picture


February 26, 2015
50mm · f/2.5 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Ajay Sadhwani's picture

Amazing image.
Can you share lights set up?

Alexey Tyurin's picture

it was almost 2 years ago. I'm not sure.
It was something big, I think octabox on my left.

Ajay Sadhwani's picture

thanks for sharing,i was thinking of the same,an octabox but was not sure.Really like your portraits.Regards.

Alexey Tyurin's picture

not at all! happy shooting! =)

Giovanni Bernardo's picture

Great B&W. I do agree on your PP ... not common to see some defects on the skin whcih makes the portrait more realistic,