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'Watchman' | The Royal Stag

A Royal Stag being, well... Royal!?

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Honestly spectacular. The best I've seen in this type of photography. It seems that you have taken the deer to a photographic studio. The composition, sharpness and above all the light are excellent. The square format works very well.
If it's possible and you don't mind, I'd love to know how you did the shot.
But without any commitment eh?.
My congratulations and my like

That’s a very kind comment, Mariano, thank you! I’m glad you’ve recognised the work that’s gone into this image.

The shot was taken at 600mm. The light was coming through the forest trees with quite a dark background with the foliage taking up most of it. With this shot I wanted to really just focus on a portrait style for the stag, so isolating it against the dark background was the chosen route. I used a lot of photoshop techniques, masking and gradients to get the light how I wanted. Hope that helps 👍

I thank you very much for your explanation. I love her photo. It is outstanding.