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Lavender Dreams

I don`t know if it can be compared with something else but walking in the lavender fields at night guided by the stars and indulged by the smell that bathes you is otherworldly. There are no words to describe this. Only your imagination can depict it. Imagine the smell, imagine the view, imagine the experience. Lavender fields in full bloom under the Milky Way.
Provence, France, Earth

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That's just a wow. Fantastic!

Thanks so much!

Looks amazing. Love the location and colours. Is it a composite?

The image is the result of several photos taken at the same time, consecutively, in the same direction, with the same camera.
The sky is obtained by sticking together several vertical frames in a panorama, which was then added to the ground to be able to include all the elements in the frame. The Milky Way arch isn`t exactly aligned with the lavender rows but about 30-40 degrees to the left.


Thank you!

Love lavender and you do it proud!

Thanks so much!