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The Lavender Eye

Sunrise over lavender fields with bees,butterflies and fresh lavender smell. Magical. As soon as the lavender season started we packed our gear and went for the weekend in some places that we knew. At night the humidity was high and we barely succeeded to get some clean Milky Way shots in the lavender but the morning was cristal clear.
Bulgaria, Black Sea Coast Line

7mm · f/11.0 · 1/6s · ISO 100
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Thanks for posting lavenders that are NOT the usual field of flowers from Provence =) Finally.

No kidding cause you see it all the time over and over after a while it gets boring....

Yeah, plus I've been there this Christmas (mostly they shoot on the Plateau de Valensole) and there's so much more interesting stuff to photograph...

Thank you for you appreciation Nick! I am glad to see that people like it. I have more of this coming up on your screens and there are quite a few unknown regions that offer amazing views that I will explore in the next season also so stay tuned! ;)

You nailed this shot.

Thank you Daniel! :)


Thank you!