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Landscapes from another era

The first time I'm actually satisfied with the editing of a photo on a stormy day. I usually edit sunset or sunrise photos with a lot of colour, as these darker styles are often bad for me, but I think this result is acceptable.

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It makes ne feeling you stood on the back.if a crocodile which want to dive. Feeling a bit danger from the stormy weather. Therefor: you made a very good job!

ajajajaja, just a few seconds earlier it was a dragon just having a bath, but i just miss the shot, and took her tail ajajajaja. THanks so much for your words!!

Soberbia tio, me encanta el dark mood.

joe, pues un halago viniendo aquí de un profesional e ajajaja. muchas gracias tio ;)

Una maravilla compañero

Muchisimas gracias Jacin :)

Fantastic shot and edit! the flow and strong leading lines are just perfect here

thanks so much for your kind words Kevin!! they really mean a lot

Tremenda Unai!

muchas gracias Ruben!!!