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One October in Ontario

I got this shot with my. Magic air 2 s, 10 minutes later it landed in the middle of the forest as the battery got depleted when I tried to bring it home due to strong winds.
I returned home without my drone for the first time since I started buying drones back when the Phantom 3 was the latest from DJI. I was so upset for loosing the drone and for loosing the images. two days passed by I got my controller, noted that I wasn't logged in, I logged in and I found and option called find my drone, just like the find my phone button. When I clicked it showed where my drone had fell, I drove back to the spot I was parked and with my controller in hand,I Proceed into the forest, crossing some farm property, illegal marijuana plantation, went up and down, it was raining which made the ground very slippery and hazardous. When I thought I had gotten into the ball park of the area where I believed, based on satellite images, that my drone had landed I turned the RC controller on and follow the area and finally I saw it a bit crooked between some branches. To my amazement and almost disbelief, it had no visual damage other and a few snaps on the propeller.
I was so happy that I didn't even thought about the hike back to my car. well, I cannot complain, can I?

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