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"Gotham Skyline"

Who has not dreamed on some occasion of visiting New York? I the first.
I still remember my first trip there in 2012, as soon as I arrived, knowing that I was there, in that asphalt jungle, with overwhelming but orderly traffic, surrounded by giants of iron and concrete that, no matter how much you looked up, you couldn't see where. they finished. The scene of so many series, movies, television commercials that I had seen from the sofa in my house was now revealed above my eyes.
Perhaps this trip was a strong turning point in my life, until then planned to the millimeter with what society imposes on you, everything changed here. We went from making one trip in one year, to making two trips the next, and three the next, and each time it has grown, until it has become a constant and a way of life.
But not only with the way of seeing life, but also of understanding photography, of living it, of wanting to do more and of improving what you do.
This photo is not from that first trip, far from it, I think that few could be shown today from that September of 2012; Luckily I have been able to visit this magnificent city four times and I did this while we were walking through the Brooklyn area during February of this year, with a pleasant temperature below 0 degrees.

50mm · f/6.3 · 2s · ISO 200
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Great shot and composition. Is this a pano or cropped? Hope to make it out there one day

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