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"Reitdietphaven Sunset"

The Netherlands is a beautiful country.
This year I was lucky enough to visit him on a trip that we left from Spain with the van and after crossing France, we made our first stop in a beautiful Belgian forest; it was one of our goals.
Later we dedicated ourselves to touring the Netherlands in search of its mills and its tulips, the main reason for this trip was the beautiful fields of flowering tulips.
Even so, we looked for other places, different from so many mills and so many flowers, and these little houses located in a maritime port in the north of the country well deserved not one, if not two visits, since in the first one, both the sky and the reflection of the water had not been as expected.
A very comfortable and rewarding trip on a photographic level, which I hope to repeat soon.

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Preciosa, Hugo

Muchas gracias Nacho!!!!!

Absolute perfection

many many thanks

Wow! Well done...

thanks a lot

Beautiful colors and composition!

many thanks

World Class!