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High Line Park | New York City, USA

When we arrived in New York, I quickly missed some nature. Yes, there is Central Park, but not from everywhere that’s quick to reach. In Berlin, I was used to “Decentral” parks – all over the city. So I was pretty happy when we finally spent some time in High Line Park.

It’s a fantastic idea. Manhattan is densely populated, so the ground is expensive, and not easy to make space for parks. Using the High Line – old train tracks above the streets – to create a park “on Floor 1”? Brilliant!

We walked the entire High Line Park from North to South. It was pretty busy, so others apparently thought the same. I was looking for some composition in which I could show the green and its location over the streets. Ideally – as with most of my photos – without having people in my shot.

Closer to the end of our walk, I found this spot. It gave me an angle at the High Line from the side. Once I discovered this composition, I wanted to get it just a little bit better. What else is iconic for New York? Of course, the Yellow Cab. So after 10 minutes of standing in place and waiting for the traffic, I got this shot with the Yellow Cab right in the sunlight before passing under the passing of the High Line Park.

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