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Sunny Central Park | Manhattan, New York City

The Central Park in New York. First, I wanted to capture it from above. Thanks to the great team at the Marriott Residence Inn, we could make this happen by having access to the rooftop.

Next was actually to get into Central Park and experience it. It’s hard to describe how massive it is, just like New York itself – so it’s fitting, I guess.

When walking around, I looked for ways to get an elevated view. It was a very sunny day, so many people came to Central Park to enjoy the sunshine. After climbing up some rocks, I found a little wooden shelter. The windows framed the view of the skyline, but there had always been some plants cutting into the picture. So it didn’t quite work out.

However, what worked out was finding a spot where I could shoot through the plants (but ignore the wooden shelter). I got what I wanted with a bit of trying and holding one branch out of the way (no plant was hurt in the process). And here you have it, the Manhattan skyline framed by the Central Park on a beautiful sunny day.

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