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Fast&Curious: Whippet

Speed. This is a quality that many dogs possess. However, only some of them are truly outstanding sprinters, capable of speed worthy of a real racer. The Fast & Curious project is dedicated to the fastest dogs in the world, that we turned into cheerful racers.
Whippets are rightfully considered as Ferrari of the dog world. The speed of their running can reach 56 kilometers per hour. This is truly impressive: in fact Whippets are the fastest dog breed in terms of their speed to weight ratio. Whippets have what's called a "double suspension gait" when they run. This is a running style whereby the Whippet's hind legs launch them into the air and the front legs then drive them forward. Both the front and hind legs come together beneath the Whippet's body before extending forward to repeat the cycle.

24mm · f/9.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Love this!!! I just saw it today somewhere else. Great work!!!