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#208 Spyker C8 Double12S

Car Fine Art of the awesome Spyker C8 Double12S.
Shot during the International Amsterdam Motor Show 2023. What a car! Shot using the FDL Technique

Nikon D850
90mm · f/11 · 1/250 · ISO 100
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very cool looking photo. I don't shoot cars... what is a FDL technique?

Thank you Mike, FDL focused diffused lighting. Very diffused lighting to create ultra smooth reflections

very interesting. I see what you mean... looks like a matte finish which is very appealing. Great stuff and nice models to shoot too.

Thank you Fstoppers for the "Photo of the day" feature!

Congrats on POTD!

Thank you Greg!

Wow. I don't shoot cars but this is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!

Haha that is awesome! Thank you so much!