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Northern Lights Above Paxtons Tower

Did you see last night's absolutely spectacular display of the aurora borealis? It was visible throughout Wales (and indeed the mainland UK as a whole) where skies were clear.
This photo was taken just before midnight at Paxton's Tower, Carmarthenshire.
This is my favourite local photo haunt, and honestly I must have been here over a hundred times to photograph the night sky but nothing has ever come close to this. For over an hour the horizon beyond the clouds glowed with greens and pinks but for a few minutes the sky burst into life with impressive pink pillars that were visible to the naked eye.
It's incredibly rare to get such a strong display this far south!

Technical details:
Nikon Z7II
Nikkor 28-75mm f/2.8 lens
28mm, f2.8, ISO 1600
Bracketed exposures at 1, 4 and 8 seconds
Edited with Luminar Global

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