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Beech Mountain

I was in the mountains of North Carolina over the weekend. The only clear day we had was the first day we got there. I've learned over the years to shoot when conditions are good because you might not get another chance. I'm glad I went ahead and shot when we arrived because that was the case this weekend. This is the view from the house we stayed at in Beech Mountain North Carolina.

This is a composite image of 5 photos over a period of about 2 hours. I used a golden hour base layer, then one photo for the sun burst, one for better sunset colors, and 2 for the lights and clouds/colors from more of a blue hour.

I'm torn on keeping the lights or not. I'll probably end up doing another version with out the lights.

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Might have been more fun to post the one without the lights first --- then this one. I'm sure I'm going to like both! But the lights do give a sense of realism to the scene. A very cool rendering!

Thanks Frank! I think I am going to post the one with out the lights in my portfolio. I don't know if both will stay, but I like the earlier version too.