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Soft mornings

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Who wears 5lbs. of pearls, blue eyeshadow, and fake lashes to go swimming?

Jacques, I agree, a stupid exploitive photo.

I didn't say that. I am, though, left to wonder what the image is intended to accomplish and why.

Yes, you did but not in so many words. All those baubles are stupid.

It’s not the number of words. It’s the choice of words. My goal was not to insult but to question.

Coming from someone who posts in the darkness of his mothers basement...

You’re a big help.

Funny how I don't see these type of attacks on the male photog's work. This is stunning. I guess some men are just too emotional to feel confident in the presence of your outstanding work!

Agree. I feel like the "bubbles" obstruct too much view... I guess they would have loved if she was naked. LOL

It would have been nice to have a touch of warm light hitting her, adding an extra glow to her already gorgeous appearance. Just my opinion, and we all know about opinions. :)

"I guess they would have..."
You guess wrong, and you're avoiding the question.