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Panorama of the downtown waterfront of Swansboro, North Carolina. My hometown. This was my first time trying a telephoto panorama. This was shot at 600mm. I didn't realize how many photos it was going to take! I believe it was 38 photos in the end. I wish I would've done another row on the top to get more sky. I also wish more places would turn their lights on, because I think this would make a gorgeous blue hour shot. I really did this kind of hastily because I got there late and the light was running out. Eventually I'm going to go back when I can take my time and stay through blue hour and hopefully get some more lights.

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Kyle, beautiful pano man, I think it looks fine with the sky as is and feel more sky would interrupt the image balance you’ve achieved here. I’m curious you say 38 images and you wish you shoot another row for more sky, I’m guesstimating 12 x 3 is what you stitched together here ? Nicely done!

Thank you! I only did 2 rows so I suppose it would have to be 19 x 2.