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Skate Heist!

This image was a concept retoucher Kate Ignatenko and myself had chatted about doing a little while back so when I finally had some free time we brought it to life! I love doing these personal projects because it's near instant gratification (meaning I get to share it right away) and we get to experiment with new ideas and techniques. For this shot we knew we wanted to do a bank heist and why not make it a bit more fun by adding a skate boarder into the mix.

I reached out to my friend Ricky Willis who has worked at a local skate park for years and from there it was just a little planning and a quick shoot then I passed over all the assets to Kate. I'm so glad we decided to do a screen capture of her working on this to accompany the footage we shot at the photo shoot because it really shows just how much work went into creating this final look.

Hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the bts/ making of this image:

Photography: Jeremy Kramer

Retouching: Kate Ignatenko

Model aka skater: Ricky Willis

Video: Nate Yelton

Assistant: Andrew Doench


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yea dawg

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