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Making The Cut

I shot a job for a local wood veneer company over the summer and I just loved the images from the log yard. This is Bert, he has been with this company 6 years and he's there cutting logs at sunrise 5 days a week. Pretty beautiful if you ask me :)

The adventure continues @ www.jeremykramerphoto.com

21mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 400
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how to get tat kind of detailed image.?

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This was a two part process of using a clarity lightroom ( which I have actually switched over to capture one pro now ) and the Tapaz Detail.

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I used to cut wood for a living in the late 70's using a Stihl chainsaw. I can appreciate everything about this picture. Nice!

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That's awesome and thanks!

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I really like grittiness and how the fence draws you right to the action.

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Thanks Kris!

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WOW! Spectacular photo. Very interesting, well composed, and edited. And the story it tells is great.

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Thanks so much Tyler!

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is this picture some kind of composite? one for the strobed guy and another one for all the background basically? luminosity Masks? Would love to see a breakdown!

I really like the picture a lot! looks remarkable!

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Hi Phillip, Sorry for the delayed response. This is all one image, with one light. We shot at sunrise then it was just some playing in Capture One and a little photoshop for final touches. And thanks!