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Smoke & Leather

June 2, 2015

This is an image that was part of a small series I did showcasing classic badass looking dudes called "Smoke & Leather. This particular image was my favorite from the series and has been used as the cover image for mailers and other promo materials. I just love the subtle confidence in his eyes. Chris (the model) doesn't actually smoke but i'm glad he agreed to have that as an element in this shot, I really think it helped make the image!

Model: Chris Alley


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Adam Bender's picture

Definitely bad ass!

Chris Burgess's picture

Simple but effective. Very slick

Kendra Paige's picture

This photograph is absolutely amazing, it just oozes such character. Congratulations on your well deserved feature!

Jeremy Kramer's picture

Thanks Kendra! :)

Jeremy Kramer's picture

Are we going bowling tomorrow night or what? lol

Jacob Crews's picture

Awesome dude, I've been a fan of this image since you originally posted it. Congrats yet again sir!

Jeremy Kramer's picture

Thanks brother!

Francis Mtey's picture

I knew, It will be!! Its Awesome Work man! You Did it!!

Jeremy Kramer's picture

Thank you Francis!

Keegan Evans's picture

Movie Poster quality. This is sweet!

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