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Dramatic Beard (Sony A7II)

I had the opportunity to teach a "Dramatic Portrait" class at Adorama this past weekend. A few days prior I managed to pick up the new Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 lens and was eager to give it a try. Here is one of the first images captured using it on the Sony A7II.

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Incredible how well you captured the character. I feel like I've known him for years just by looking at this. You sir are a master.

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That's very high praise, thank you! I was fortunate to have him attend my seminar. He was exactly the face I was looking for to demonstrate this lighting.

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Beautiful work with that sony. That 85 is so excellent !! Awesome shot!

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Man, I love this shot. Great subject and the lighting brings everything together.

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This! Very cool portrait. How did you do the lighting? Simple setup with large softbox camera right? The intensity of the eyes is remarkable.

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Thank you! This shot was taken during one of my presentations at Adorama, and they recently uploaded the entire thing online! You can see it here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiQpmrXYOwQ

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Excellent... I made it to "I have been known to be an anti-apple guy", then I just had to stop watching the vid. (just kidding, I'll watch it in its entirety but then I will not like you. I also kid about that last sentence. Almost.) j/k

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LOL! You'd be surprised how many people see me open a Windows laptop at a presentation and immediately roll their eyes ;)

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Don't worry, I won't roll my eyes. I'm in both camps.

This guy had the expression nailed in the first few shots. Very impressive. Big softbox camera right was a correct assumption, but the way you used the flag was new to me. Again, a very nice portrait you made from just a few shots despite the worthless USB cable :)

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Why the heck would somebody downvote a link to really good information?

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This guy looks like a total badass, great portrait.

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This photo just blasted me off!! Totaly incredible!

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perfct lighting.

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I'm just starting to experiment with lighting using my Nikon. Also shoot with a Sony A7II but don't, as yet, have a flash. I aspire to shooting this type of portrait. So excellent!

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You are one true portraitist Miguel, brilliant work.

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great work

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incredibly beautiful headshot,you are a GEM

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This is great

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:) beautiful portrait. simple, no fuzz. just perfect.

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great portrait!

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Very well done, it's amazing what a window can do.

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Like the skin color and overall sharpness but find the rectangular light box reflection in the eyes a distraction.