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Unexpected (Sony A7RII)

I had the privilege of photographing this man at my "Dramatic Portraiture" class at Adorama this past weekend. He was sitting in the crowd and certainly had a face that I simply had to capture. I asked him to come up and give me his toughest, meanest face and quickly realized it just wasn't his personality to do that. He proceeded to give me some amazing expressions that really show his true, life-loving nature. The crowd in attendance soaked the experience up and I was shown yet again that you don't need a young, beautiful model to make an amazing portrait.

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I love the story with this!

Love this Work!

Such an amazing shot. It really makes you want to know more about this man's story.

Like Zackery, I really appreciate the story and your concluding remark.

Liked the story behind this, loved your light and toning !