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Glowing Lombard

I waited around 2 hours for the sun going to sleep in order to take this shot. I took a series of 6-7 pictures and it was the only one with a real long trail of lights on the all Lombard Street!


190mm · f/11.0 · 25s · ISO 100
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Hope you have a properly exposed photo for the buildings as I would like to see them appear brighter than they currently are.
They're simply too dark deep in the shadows.

I don't mean glowing bright, neither exposed like it's 4pm.
Like 15% brighter than they are now.

I would also clone out the two big bright light spots just above the car trails.

Given the two abovementioned additions I would class it a "World Class" photo, well done Olivier!

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Thanks for your helpful comment! I'll try to work that and see how it goes. Here I really wanted to focus on the street.

Thanks again!

Bill Peppas's picture

You'll still keep the street as the subject & focus point ( assuming that the shadow lifting will be done just up to the point where it matches the scene ).

I'd give you a quick edit on this jpeg from my side, but I'm on a new installation without photoshop and gotta get ready for a wedding now :(

I'll be waiting for your edit, and maybe chime in again tomorrow or on Sunday.

I'm looking up to your next shots as well, we need some good landscape & cityscape photographers here!

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That would be great if you could share with me your quick edit on this jpeg :)
I'll update some more today and this weekend!

Enjoy the wedding ! :)