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California Street Lights

This one is probably my most difficult shot ever. I was tired from a long day walking down the streets of SF, headache aswell. But I really wanted to give it a try.
Standing in the middle of the road with my small tripod was not easy, the cars didn't necessary see me in the dark so I had to be very careful.
Also, I needed to give it at least 8-10 tries before giving up. I really thought this one would never be published until I found a great way to post-process it.
Hope you like it!


200mm · f/9.0 · 2.5s · ISO 100
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I like your dedication and risk taking, you're a nutcase like myself :D

I don't need to ask, I'm pretty sure that you dreamed of catching just two cars going from top to bottom without turning for perfect straight car light trails :D

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Fantastic shot!