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Vintage Portrait Session San Francisco

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Lee Morris's picture

great shot

Jason Ranalli's picture

This is pretty damn good and different from a lot of stuff out there!

Dave Kavanagh's picture

Beautiful shot, and great sense of story too. It makes me want to know what they were up to.

Kristof Mucha's picture

Love the drama

rsallsopp's picture

Love this! Great lighting and depth.

Tom Lim's picture

Fantastic!! I love the look on her face!

Alin Sirb's picture

It's amazing !!

Peter Fisher's picture

The difference between sharpness of the background and the models (let alone the mixed lighting) gives this image a composite feel. Perhaps softening up the people a bit might lessen this. Not allot of softening but enough to make it look like a large aperture was used.

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I can assure you the image is not a composite. The inspiration of this image came from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and old style hollywood movies, hence the lighting and the styling. As for large aperture, it was shot at F4.0 - to be geeky. The beauty of photography and art is that we all develop our own styles and interpretations - there is enough stuff out there that satisfy some kind of conformity.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments, just found out that the image made photo of the day.