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Its Roar Awoke the Sun

Niagara Falls Taken 2/20/2015
I took 2 days off work last week and we went to an indoor waterpark in Niagara Falls, ON. On Friday morning I planned on getting up to shoot the sunrise right at the edge of the Horseshoe Falls. Thursday was unbelievably cold out so I wondered about wether I’d actually be able to handle the elements for more than a few minutes with nothing between me and some of the coldest breath Mother Nature had to offer! Well I decided it was not an option to pass up on this rare opportunity so I set the alarm! When I got to the van it showed -8 as the current temp. I shivered while it warmed and suddenly realized I had a problem. Being the non plan-ahead type I didn’t have my gloves… They were in the hotel room with the sleeping family. I’ll be fine I said. Well, the wind chill was around -38 and let’s just say my hands still burn a little under hot water from the slight frostbite. Never again will I make that mistake. I probably could have stayed another 10 minutes otherwise. That being said I got a bunch of cool shots to share since while I was doing these long exposures I had my wife’s camera (better than mine).
This is a 51 second exposure with ISO400 24mm f/8.0 using a B+W 10 stop ND filter. The ND filter was put on in the car since I knew it would be too cold to screw it on. This meant I couldn’t auto focus or see anything to manually focus, but luckily infinity worked great. Hope you like!

Canon 6D
24mm · f/8.0 · 51s · ISO 400
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Love the feel of motion... great shot

Thanks very much Ian!

Great title and even greater work! Stunning!

When I'm lucky enough to get shots like this I put a lot of thought into an appropriate title, glad you liked! Thanks :)

Seen this on Instagram today Michael its stunning. My compliments Sir

Thanks very much Ross! It's probably my favorite photo although I fight it sometimes because it is a more obvious composition. Making a photo stand out when it is one of the more photographed locations on earth is a challenge.

Great Shot!

Thank you!

Wow. Having grown up in NF, NY I've never quite seen a shot like this. Nice!

That is really awesome to hear Joe Healey! Thank you very much.

Sometimes the story behind the shot is as neat as the final image. Well done. I have title envy, too.

I keep a spare set of gloves in my camera pack. Now I just have to be sure I grab the right pack. Haha.