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Urban summer

Model: Merima Ramadanović
Photo and retouch: Nina Mašić-Lizdek
CGI and compositing: Goran Lizdek
MUA and hair: Sanjin Egon
Dress design & styling: Milan Senić
Footwear design: Metaphysika-Irregular choice

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robert bates's picture

Just stunning work, so clean and crisp.

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Thank you so much :)

Jason Ranalli's picture

I agree with the comment below...so clean looking. Fantastic work!

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Thank you! :)

Chris Adval's picture

dont know why this comment went here.

Chris Adval's picture

CGI, very nice. I got no idea what part of the image is CGI too. I thought it was HSS or a composite.

Jason Guy's picture

The cg and compositing are flawless. Put a gun to my head I'd tell you that was done in camera. Nice work to everyone involved!

Jeff Lohne's picture

so clean and the lighting and tones are perfection...

Patrick Noone's picture

Nina is my fave photographer and retoucher, her work is flawless, you need more blogs and tutes Nina, I was in Bosnia a long time ago, medjugorje

Nina Masic's picture

Thank you so much Patrick <3
I'll try to be more active