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Urban summer 2

Model: Merima Ramadanović
Photo and retouch: Nina Mašić-Lizdek
CGI and compositing: Goran Lizdek
MUA and hair: Sanjin Egon
Dress design & styling: Milan Senić
Footwear design: Metaphysika-Irregular choice

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Sam Foto's picture

Beautifully executed!
Can I ask about the lighting setup?

Nina Masic's picture

85mm I think :)

Rufat Yusubov's picture

Please answer to coments

Michael Johnson's picture

CGI & compositing? I must expose my ignorance but was merima placed into this image?

Nina Masic's picture

yes, the photo was taken in studio and the surroundings were made in 3D

Tracy Webb's picture

What a fantastic capture Nina thanks for sharing : )

Anonymous's picture

The photo and the model is OK, except the positiong of legs which is very unnatural.