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Family Resembalnce

Canon 6D
90mm · f/11.0 · 1/160s · ISO 50
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Great concept. I might try something similar for my family.

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Thanks Jaydie

Each person was shot separately then brought together in Photoshop

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I agree with Jaydie, but feel like this would work better with a smaller family, only because the composition and aspect ratio would be more pleasing.

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yes it works better with a family of 5 I think

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Beautiful family portrait. Based on the fall-off of the light, is it correct to think that the subjects were lit with a beauty dish having a shower cap for additional diffusion? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Edwin
An elinchrom deep octal was used as the modifier, sure you would get the same effect with either

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I've been asked to do a 5-generations photo and thought about something like this but couldn't figure out how to line everyone up within their attention spans; especially the infant.
I would have never thought of photographing them individually.
Thanks! :-)

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Yes it would be impossible to get a good composition if trying to do it in one exsposure

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Amazing x

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Did the same kind of photography with my whole direct parents...Now my grandfatther is gone this picture is so precious....please print it before your hard drive crashes!

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Exceptional in every way . . .

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Greet photo, Great B & W, Great concept. So easy for anyone to poke a hole in any idea after someone else already comes up with one and puts it out there. Photoshop or straight out of the camera doesn't really matter the idea is awesome, I'll definitely use it somewhere down the line myself, why lie about that.
My Personal preference, I would have separated them from the background a stop or two or made the temp more charcoal gray on the background. but I understand that's the old way of thinking as I've been shooting since before Bon Jovi was an actual touring band and not a use-to-be band.

Would also love to see this in color, maybe even a duo-tone ie. fleshy pink and orange skin tones with the background going a textured lavender or lilac purple. Be creative jump across the color wheel.

Keep the ideas coming.