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Summer portrait

Photographer: Pauline Niarchou
Stylist: Anneta Paschalidou
MUAH: Nathalie Hatjistephanou
Model: Valia Hatzitheodwrou

Instagram: pauline_niarchou
Facebook Page: Pauline Niarchou Photography

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Bill Peppas's picture

bravo re Polina!

Pauline Niarchou's picture

Thanks!!! :)

Will Stewart's picture

Great shot Pauline - cool shots of light coming through the hat, hitting face/ hair/ arm etc. Think I prefer the cropped in shot as well - could even go a bit further and crop to the top right of hat fold above left eye? Good stuff !

JAZZMAN 8's picture

Like the shot. I would work with cropping tighter. Keep from just above her halter top.

Nasser Ali's picture

This is a magical world class portrait. Loved her expressions!

Pauline Niarchou's picture

Thank you so much

Mark David Krysiak's picture

Stunning expression!