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Tidal Pool Sunrise

Slightly dragged shutter. Worked from 3 exposures.

11mm · f/20.0 · 1/8s · ISO 100
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Somehow in the process you created a white halo around the edges, source could be pretty much anything, from extreme sharpening, to extreme use of clarity/detail, or non-feathered masks.

If you could work on the blending to avoid the white halos and IMHO clone out the red coloring on the ground from the lens flare ( the big red spot, not the "reddish" cast over the water, it would be an excellent image worthy of being listed in very high quality landscape photo lists ;)

Thanks Bill. Will have a re-do at some stage :)

Do it!
I'd love to include this shot in my Landscapes list ;)

If you need any help in the process let me know, I'm always up to helping people :)