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105mm · f/2.8 · 1/250s · ISO 400
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captivating eye contact, beautiful use of toning, my favourite image of the ones you've posted thus far Ann. Looking forward to seeing much more of your work.

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Really nice!

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Love it! f/2.8 and still look you have more DOF and that! :)

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This is just perfect.. bravo!!!!

Chris Mantle's picture

I love the saturated background and deep, rich colors.
All natural light?

Do you have a link or video where you describe a bit of the processing techniques used?

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This is a gorgeous shot!

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love the bokeh!

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Excellent work. Very well done.

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Everything about that portrait is perfect.

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This is a perfect portrait! It cannot be improved! Congratulations.

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I’ve now come back and looked at this photo on three separate visits to the site, I love it!

Brenden King's picture

Are you shooting with that new petzl 58 lens? Love the swirly bokeh. Absolutley awesome photo.

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Just perfect :)

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Crazy awesome bokeh!

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Gorgeous shot. That bokeh <3

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Lovely autumnal colours against the dark clothes and beautiful light on the face - exceptional shot...

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Just gorgeous! Love the bokeh. Was a Lomography Petzval lens used?

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All her portraits are shot at f/2.8 and 105mm. I'm guessing it's a Sigma or Nikon macro lens. Having said that, I would REALLY like to know how she got that bokeh.

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Good pic!

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WOW! Amazing work! Love your style!

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I don't know. This portrait is just so perfect. It's absolutely amazing. Wow

Brian Mulkey's picture

Stunning, mesmerizing image rendering life in that ultimate focal point. I can't stop looking.

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swirly bokeh, must be a Russian lens, am I right ?

Ann Nevreva's picture

No, it's Nikkor 105mm Micro lens)

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Every ounce of effort well spent,love it!

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