Sharktooth Cave Sunset by Brady Cabe
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Sharktooth Cave Sunset

September 2, 2015

Every cave is like a puzzle to me; there seems to be only one way to compose each one, at least with my limited mind. But what is magical about these puzzles is the pieces are constantly changing with different tides, conditions, and times of day. Each time you go back, it's a little or a lot different.

This cave has eluded me over the past few years, due to its limited access. You need low tide, minimal surf, and lots of sand. The sand levels look a bit lower than last week when I was able to get in here at night, so we shall see how much longer I can make it to this spot by foot.

Here's what this cave looks like at sunset, if you can get to it. Tonight I wore my watershoes and boardshorts, ending up about waist-deep at times in the surf. Felt good to get in the water.

This is a single exposure captured with my Singh-Ray 3 stop reverse grad to help balance the foreground and background exposures.

16mm · f/5.0 · 30s · ISO 50
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