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Boscastle Magic

An amazing sunset was waiting for us in Cornwall, and Boscastle is one of the locations that I was looking for months, and when all the things come toghether like planning the picture weeks before, tide, clouds, wind etc, the final result let you in the same awe when you were in the spot days before.

17mm · f/11 · 8 minutes · ISO 50
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Amazing man

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Excellent long exposure.

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great long exposure shot Alessio

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Its magical

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Amazing image my friend!

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First of all, great shot! I'm curious about how you made this. Is this a manual blend? How many shots did you take? Did you stretch the sky in post or did you use an ND fliter or both? Please let us know how you made this wonderful image!

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Hi Sakazaki, I always shot by single exposure, this one is 8 minutes long taken with the big stopper, a gnd 0.9 hard and the landscape polarizer, all from Lee!

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All the hard work paid off here !!

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Fantastic Colours, marvellous composition and great technical skill! 5*

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Pretty spectacular! When all things come together perfectly ;)

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outstanding long exposure landscape photography!

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Love your work!

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Superb skill, awesome!

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Absolutely beautiful! Nice work!

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You were lucky that no wind came along to spoil this dramatic long exposure. Sharp as a tack.

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Very good interpretation of balance between time streaks and structure. Be careful of too much saturation as it can disturb the peace and stillness in the scene.