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Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco; DJI Phantom 3 Professional

A great shot I took of The Palace of Fine Arts that includes the Golden Gate Bridge.

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While it's a unique shot in terms of viewpoint and composition, there are some things that need to be fixed ( now I noticed that it's an aerial shot with a drone camera and not a DSLR, still somethings can be fixed )
The horizon needs a little bit of rotation to get straight.
The sky has been blown out, possibly not being recoverable, neither easy to achieve a decent exposure since your drone cam is most likely very limited in terms of Dynamic Range and of course, you don't have the necessary stability to shoot a double-exposure.
You can also use Photoshop's Adaptive Wide Angle filter to correct ( straighten vertical ) the pillars of the "temple" and its surroundings.

Nice angle and composition, I guess there's no way to shoot it from the same or a similar angle with a DSLR

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Thanks Bill. Always appreciate input.
I missed the rotation part. I could have used LR's level option in the distortion settings, or done it by hand. Oops. Thank you.
I used the distortion correction in LR with the Phantom profile, but using photoshop to work on the pillars is a great idea.
I was prepared for the sky issues, it was not the right time of day for that angle, but it was an on-the-fly shot. Figured I could recover some during post, and maybe use the 'glow' affect to my advantage around the dome. That part worked, but I lost the sky.
Regarding the double exposure. I actually do. Phantom shoots 5 exposures, and then I combine them in LR. LR almost never finds any blur, unless there's an actual moving object (car/person/etc). This was taken with 5 exposures. Still lost the sky though, it was absolutely worse before post. Again, bad timing.
FYI, this was a 5 combined .DNG files.

When I get to the point of investing more into the company, I will be buying a larger Octocopter, which can carry a DSLR on a gimbal, HDMI linked for FPV (First person viewing), but for now, this shoots 4K @30fps, so I'm pretty happy.

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Oh, and I'm very new and still learning. Many Many Lynda videos down, many more (and practice) to go! Thanks again, keep 'em coming!