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Sólheimasandur, South Iceland

We did a motorcycle trip around the entire country of Iceland, and this was one of our stops on the first day. We originally brought the hammock to use between two large pieces of ice at the lagoon at Jökulsárlón, but it made for some pretty good photos here too! The bike barely held his weight on the loose ground (note the big rock we had to rest the kickstand on), but it lasted long enough for a couple photos!

27mm · f/8.0 · 1/100s · ISO 200
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Nice shot, I like the superman colours

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Thanks! It was completely unintentional, but the colors definitely make him stand out!

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Cool shot. I love the deep saturated colors.
What's the story behind the airplane wreckage? Is this a common thing? Makes for an interesting photo.

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The story from what i gathered from an Icelandic website is as follows: In 1973 a United States Navy DC3 plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach at Sólheimasandur, the south coast of Iceland. Everyone in the plane survived, but the plane was abandoned on the beach.

I guess they just decided it wasn't worth cleaning up! Thanks for the comments!

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cool..thanks for the info.
Love the deep color saturation of this...did I mention that already? :)

Single exposure?
GND filter?
Dual processed?

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Haha! Good eye! Definitely used an ND filter here, I may have even used two. I was using the Lee filters set for almost every shot on the trip. And yeah, the background was processed separately from the foreground, mainly because I like to use the drop down gradient in Camera RAW & it 'spilled' onto the plane.

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I sometimes use that same tool in LR.

I really need to look up some good processing techniques for blending exposures. Especially when there are trees involved since I'm often left with halos in and around the trees that are a pain to remove...

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Honestly, the best tool I've found is Topaz Remask. It's absolutely fantastic at creating a mask and doing so extremely quickly. It'll even detect transparent objects, like a bride's veil. You can also try luminosity masks, but I find the Topaz option to be quicker. It managed to pick out all the tiny holes you see near the nose of the plane. Once you've masked out your foreground, leave the background as a smart object so you can make changes until it looks perfect!

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Congrats on POTD!!

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Thanks! Pretty surprised, to say the least!

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So you are the guy in the hammock between the ice pieces !. It was busy all day every day at this wrecksite of the plane. Was there in same week with my D800 as well. Still editing the pictures and was triggerd now again by your hammock haha.

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Actually, we never go to use it between the ice - it was way too cold for us once we got there (in August!), so we just took some quick shots and got back on the bikes. If we had a car to warm up in, we probably would have tried it out!

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This is the photo of the year man! Love it :)

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Haha! Thanks!!

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Beautifully lit.. but softboxes don't come that large!

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nice impact, story on the plane?

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Have you sent this to ENO? (If it's an ENO Hammock??) I used to work for them and they LOVE images like this!

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Actually, I don't know what type it was because my friend (who is in the photo) had brought it. I'll have to ask him - thanks for the suggestion!

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It's almost like you used a diagonal aging Gradient from old (sepia) to new (vibrant)!

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Haha! The skies were so fantastic in Iceland, but never stayed like that for long. I have shots of my other friend who was riding with us in the same position, but the sky had already changed color and it couldn't have been a couple minutes difference between shots....

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how do u make colors pop like that.?

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Honestly, a lot of it was like that when we were there. The weather changes like crazy, so even photos I took a couple minutes later had a completely different look than this - more purples & muted oranges in the sky. Although to make the colors pop, try going into the camera calibration tab in Camera Raw when you first start to edit the image. I tend to drag the 'Blue Primary' saturation slider over a bit before I do any other edits. Try it on one of your own images, and you'll see some pretty cool changes!

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thankz sir! nd hw to get tat really cool detail.?

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That's just from the camera & lens combination!

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Love this one! Great idea and nice subject.

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Great photo! The colors and composition and irony make it absolutely incredible

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Awesome Photo! However I hope you got permission to ride down there, that road is privately owned (for now) and closed to motor vehicle traffic, Iceland has been having a HUGE problem with people driving off roads and doing irreparable damage to the environment. Not to be a downer but these beaches and landscapes of Iceland are super fragile, and more and more places are being shut down and closed to tourists. Tread lightly. Takk

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This was taken in August of 2015, so the road was still accessible then, as there was a car or two there when we did this. But my friend (in the hammock) went back about 6 months ago and said the road was closed. Totally understand why, but I'm still happy to have gotten this shot when I did.