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Chicago Skyline

4:1 ratio 5-shot manual-stitched non-LE panoramic view of the Chicago skyline.

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The Chicago skyline is probably the most beautiful in the whole world in terms of modern cities.
Your black & white processing/conversion is top notch.
Only trouble here is the geometric distortion ( I guess you didn't use a panoramic head ) which makes the horizon a little crooked.
Which application and method did you use to make the panorama stitching ?

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Thank you, Bill. I originally planned to shoot this skyline in long exposure mode at that time but a lot of negative factors have plagued my quest. Although it was a beautiful clear day for most tourist and Chicagoans with not a wisp of a cloud that afternoon, I think I'm the only one who's wishing for a cloudy and overcast day to get some dramatic skies. It was also windy, enough to rattle my wimpy travel tripod and 40 degrees temp to numb my Floridian hands ;) I didn't have my panoramic tripod head since I can't bring it on my $79 Frontier budget airfare thus the reason why I have the wimpy tripod. So, using my arm and elbows, I tried my best to pivot on the nodal point of my lens. Btw, I only have the Fotomate panorama kit. Also, I normally use PTGui for stitching but for some reason, it wasn't giving me a good result. ;) Overall, I think it was a fruitful photowalk despite the short day-and-a-half stay in this beautiful city.

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That's understandable!
Too bad you couldn't carry your regular heavy-duty tripod.

When you can I suggest that you take a decent stay in Chicago.
You seem to love & have mastered cityscapes in B&W and trust me, Chicago will offer you everything you ever wanted and even more.

If I could, I'd easily stay there for 30 days ONLY for photography :D

Awaiting your next cityscape awesome work!

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Thanks so much, Jeremie!

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I'd have a large print of this hanging in my house. Superb.