Porsche 911 GT3 RS/ Off-road by Roman Lavrov
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Porsche 911 GT3 RS/ Off-road

September 17, 2015

Quick composite

Roman Lavrov Photography, 2015

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that's awesome

Serious case of hay fever!!

Joe Topping's picture

Skillfully done :-)

Roman Lavrov's picture

very quick comps))))

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There are a great many stories that a viewer can imagine from this image. Fantastic concept, and very well done.

john pritchett's picture

Sorry but I find the lens flare on the right confusing plus the concept of a Porsche off-roading too far-fetched. Two stars for the composite work which is good.

Roman Lavrov's picture

No problem! You are a boss! =))))
You are very serious! Just smile and look at this video

Pedro Pulido's picture

well if your awesome porsche picture led him to such a low mood, this rolls video probably gave him a heart-attack!! hahahahah!
Roman, absolutely beautiful work with that picture!! well done mate!

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This is incredible.

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bad driver :)) Great composite.

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Amazing skill! Thanks for the video as well, I was glad to see that no GT3's were harmed in the production of the shot...

Love this photo!