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Blancpain GT Series. Monza (2015)

Photography, retouch and postproduction by Roman Lavrov
Blancpain GTSeries, Monza, 2015

A short video about the process of creating images with BMW on the pit lane.

27.0mm · f/9.0 · 1/320s · ISO 100
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thank you

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It's my opinion too.

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A very nice look. Almost looks like a CG render.

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Yes) it's not CG) I uploaded a video about the processing to Portfolio

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That's bad ass

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oh yeah! =)

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well done

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thank you

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Love it :)

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and i =)

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Love it well processed thanks for sharing

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Great Work, love it!

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I wish I knew how to get those colors and tones, the post work on this takes an already awesome shot to a whole new level!

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Awesome shot and great to see the BTS video too!

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I love your post process look. I've watched videos but was wondering if you have anything that goes into more detail about how you obtain your "look"?

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That's sick. The video made it for me. Love it.

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Dude...I can smell the exhaust! Phenomenal shot!

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Fantastic composition , colors, light !!!

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Космос! )

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Are you a wizard? :O amazing!

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I love this... and did anyone else catch the guy in the blue polo crushing a selfie on the left side?? Epic...

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Delighted to see this getting POTD. It blew me away when I first seen it, and still does every time I look again.

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The photo made me feel like I was in Gran Turismo again, Well Done!!

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great picture

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Every time I see this image... I always stop scrolling for just a moment! Amazing!

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amazing. The fact that you pulled this from a live shot rather than setting it up is unbelievable.

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Wow Roman... EPIC!

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Awesome , Looks like a 4K racing game

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