Part of my previous set , first wedding and steep learning curve with a ton of pressure....Love a challange

100mm · f/18.0 · 1/400s · ISO 1000
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Why shoot this at f/18 ?
And 1/400s shutter speed ?
You just "upped" your ISO, increased the digital noise, introduced grain, lost sharpness and other image quality characteristics ( color depth, dynamic range ) for no reason.

I would also crop it right before the end of the lake, no need to include the background ( wooden bridge, woods in the background ).

Nice shot otherwise ;-)

Thanks for taking the time Bill , yeah that was a complete rookie blunder. I got so caught up in this event and the change in scene (inside then out , bright then shade) that i kinda took a shortcut on this. But valuable lessons learnt on this shoot and i think i will be i little more calm on the next....was nerve wrecking as you may know. I really didnt want to screw it up. But i am so grateful you took the time to really look at this.

I see!
That was my first thought.
I can totally understand and relate with you!
A photographer's first event is usually nerve-wrecking and most of us are "caught in the moment" almost running around like headless chickens haha.
Though you still managed to get some more than decent shots!

Thanks Bill...yeah wasnt a total train wreck thankfully.