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Queen of Hearts

Revisiting/Re-editing some shoots from 2012 now that I'm getting a little more comfortable in Photoshop

Photos from this series were national finalists for the 2013 Mirror Awards Canadian Hairdressing Competition - Top 5 in Canada!

The Queen of Hearts cosplay was meant to showcase the hairdresser's work with the headpiece.

Lighting was a socked beauty dish camera left as a key light, a 30x40" softbox camera right for fill, two strip boxes for accent/background, and a gridded speedlite on the flower.

Canon 5D Mark II
28mm · f/20.0 · 1/160s · ISO 160
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Pierre Bo's picture

Really great photograph + styling. However, just for me personally, the 28mm focal length was waaay too wide ;)

Dave Nunez-Delgado's picture

Thanks Pierre, for the feedback! Unfortunately this was shot before I had a studio so I had very limited space to work with. I thought the wide angle might have exaggerated the legs and headpiece. I could be wrong though - I didn't get the opportunity to compare with a long shot.

Pierre Bo's picture

I totally get it :) in fact, I am facing about the same issue in my (student) room every single day. In this case, it only proves that even without a studio at hand, you were able to create something totally awesome :D

Dennis Bater's picture

Dave, for me the 28mm lens is what makes this image good!