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Powder Athlete

This was part of a flour shoot at a friend's studio. For the sand effect we mixed different types of flour for slightly different textures. We had everyone involved with the shoot bring a large bag of flour to keep costs down!

For the lighting, there were two LED light panels cross-lighting the background mixed with large softboxes to the left and right for key & fill. The goal was to use the continuous lights to capture some motion in the flour while using the strobes to freeze the model in place. This was more successful in the standing shots, but I liked the depth if this low one!

Canon 5D Mark II
115mm · f/2.8 · 1/400s · ISO 1600
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Josh Garcia's picture

very strong, i really enjoy the pose and the creativity of your pic

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Thank you! The model does acrobatic yoga among other things - it was all I could do to keep up with his stunts!

Mostafa Okasha photographer's picture

You are professional :-) nice captures

Dave Nunez-Delgado's picture

Thanks! I'm working on it

Dave Nunez-Delgado's picture

Updated the description! Thanks! :)