I am very fortunate to be friends with a very talented MUA who works on a lot of editorial and commercial productions. She had an athletic model who she wanted to do some beauty work with. This was prefect timing because I wanted to try out some new beauty lighting techniques that I had learned.

Two days before the day of the shoot I got a call from a friend who wanted to rent my 5Dmark3 the day of the shoot. Being the business man I claim to be I went ahead and rented it to him. I decided what the heck! I will just borrow a T3i from a close friend and rock out with that body instead.

We decided to use the gray background because of how it complimented the models features. It gave the images a very moody feel.

I chose this image to retouch because it I felt like her expression and pose matched the cool moody tones of the background and makeup.

After the shoot I decided to try frequency separation for the first time. I watched a PHLearn tutorial on the technique. I really like how this image turned out. Even though I do not think I have quite gotten the hang of this retouching technique.

Model: Zoe Camille

MUH: Monica Ninh

Canon REBEL T3i
50mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Nice! DB/Frequency separation is great. They have a good break down of it here on Fstoppers. It's a good read =]]

Thank you Aaron! I will check it out! I think it's the kind of thing I need need to keep doing it it will come easier every time I do it.