I4 Through Downtown Orlando by Wayne Denny
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I4 Through Downtown Orlando

October 8, 2015

Curious about other people's take on this one. The metallic wall is part of the bar where I shot this 3 photo panorama, and in my opinion I like the way it reflects the light from the city. But I'm not sure if I should crop it out because it's too distracting from the rest of the image, or if I did then would the resulting shot be just a normal cityscape?

24mm · f/14.0 · 30s · ISO 50
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Pawel Paoro Witkowski's picture

I also like colors on that metalic part, yet it distract's too much out of the subject (landscape?). I imagine this could be nice as a design of a Web Page, or anything more abstract than a single photo? Yet as a single image i think I would crop it out.

Wayne Denny's picture

Yeah, I was kind of leaning that way. Thanks for the feedback!

Tyler Newcomb's picture

I agree with Pawel, it's cool, but too distracting as a stand alone image. It would be excellent as a photo for use by a company for a poster or website header, however!