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A thousand lights

End of the wedding, Great recpetion lights.
Dancing just finished and almost all the guests have left, Asked the bride if she would like to get a last picture that i have in mind, she agreed and i ran to get the groom from their room.

Snapped 4-5 shots and this one won :)

24mm · f/3.2 · 1/200s · ISO 640
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Great job man!

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Awesome shot!

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Well done!

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This is an absolutely wonderful shot!

My only criticism that is killing it for me is the fact that she is in a beautiful dress and he's in what looks like a dumpy white t-shirt. I'm assuming this was out of your control but just had to mention it.

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Yea it really wasn't in my control.. But.. The tuxless groom does convey the end of a wedding which is kind of what this shot is.
But then again, as a picture probably it would of been better with the tux on :)

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Now this a a photo that could have not happened if you were lazy, or just wanted to get home. The groom in the t shirt adds to the photo.

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You are SPOT ON!!
I shot at this venue 6 times this year and only did this shot once!
The other 5 i was lazy and tired.

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Her dress in simply enough, that with him out of his tux it makes it about them. With a tux on it becomes another very well shot photo of a bride and groom. This way, it is a very well shot picture of them.

Even though it becomes a very long day, I do like staying until the end of the reception.

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Amazing shot! That lighting is insane...I assume this is permanent and not setup just for their wedding?

This would be a world class 5 star if the groom was still in a suit....that is such a bummer he isn't but still amazing image!

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Hello Patrick!
This venue does have permanent lighting and was not setup just for this couple.
Thanks for poping my world class bubble :)

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Sure this couple was HAPPY with this shot!!

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Yes, But not as happy as i was :).
Clients don't always know when a picture is a worldclass picture, They think it's easy and is our job ;)

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So true!!

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This looks like a movie poster! Great job

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Thank you, Gerald.

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Incredible !!

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Great picture for the wedding couple!

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Ya it won alright. That's a 5 right there. Wow

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Thank you <3

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Amazing and unique