Portrait of handsome man in a studio on a dark background

Canon 5D Mark II
100mm · f/14.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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dnjimage dnj's picture

very nice portrait!

Milenko Đilas's picture

Thank You!

Anonymous's picture

Great shot!

Milenko Đilas's picture

Thank You!

Mitch Stroup's picture

Very nice! Lighting Ratio?

Milenko Đilas's picture

Hi there and thank you!
- Main light Beauty Dish with white reflector under the chin of a model to soften the shadows
- 2 rim light, one light with snoot modifier for background

Mike Patrick's picture

Great shot. I see your lighting setup, but what was the lighting ratio? I'm interested in the ratio between the BD and the rim lights.

Alexander Slanger's picture

Hi, Mike. While I do not speak for Milenko, I can touch on your ratio question. The lighting ratio is not that important unless you know the the size and distance of the rim lights. If he had said, "3:1", what would you learn? Testing and experimenting is the only way to configure your own version, in your own "studio." I hope that makes sense. Cheers!

robert bates's picture

Awesome shot, love the lighting, looks like a smart Lee Morris lol!!