Shot at location... Isla Blanca, Mexico... Two off-camera speedlights to fill the shadows. 5D MIII 24-105 mm / f.8 / ND filter. Post in PS: FS, D&B, Composite, and Color grading. Model: Aline Sartori

Canon 5D Mark III
96mm · f/8.0 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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excellent work

Hi Surin.... Thanks!

Love this hot amazing

Thanks Simone!

outstanding work :)

Thanks Esteban!

This is so sexy! (Y)!

yes it iis my brother!

Nice Felix!

Thanks you Arindam.

Felix, just want to know something, you could have made the sky more saturated. Did you keep the sky that way to match with the denim the model is wearing?

Just wanted to keep it simple!