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Dancing with a shadow

I got so surprised this morning when I saw this picture while browsing the thousands of pictures we brought back from our latest trip in LA.

My shadow kinds of fit with the dancer but this was not planned at all. I'm usually totally invisible in my light-painting pictures. On this one, I was simply drawing the light behind the model, and I stopped too long before the shutter got released, thus revealing my shadow.

I will eventually try to do this again but using a second dancer as the light-painter and exploring with different kinds of matching poses between the dancer and the shadow.

Made with the help of
- http://www.astrobandit.com
- http://www.dariustwin.com
- http://kimhenry.dance

Behind the scenes: https://vimeo.com/162908979

Canon 5D Mark III
18mm · f/4.5 · 2.4s · ISO 1600
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Cool shot!
What did you use for the light painting?

EagleTAC D25A2 inside a Amber T8 tube guard ;)

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